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just close your eyes and see

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[bangs cane] back in my day we talked about fandom by carrier pigeon

about +
treat people with kindness 💖 carleen 🦄 she/her 🌈 1D, dnd, marvel comics and a bucky barnes problem is mostly what you'll find here, pals 🍌.
current interests +
marvel (616 comics and mcu films), missing one direction, harry styles' left dimple, niall horan's entire post-hiatus everything, a vague understanding of dnd and critical role, decades old shows like deadwood and generation kill, forever weeping that supernatural outlived both livejournal and tumblr, a general confusion about fandom migration, duck tales (whoo-ooh!), and whatever fast and furious movie is playing on cable at this exact moment.
forever interests +
star trek, star wars, anything that has 'star' in it or is about space tbh, buffy the vampire slayer and related, authurian legend, steampunk, westerns, dystopian/apocalypse settings, #ROBOTFEELS, rainbows, rubber duckies, yelling at hgtv, ninety-nine other television shows i've forgotten about until someone mentions them, and the pony i never got for christmas (horses, unicorns, pegasus, etc)
previously +
i used to be alwaysenduphere on lj, you may remember me from there. a long time ago i was darkmerrick. i am rainbowslinky almost everywhere now.

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